One Phot A Day | Day 149 | Half Lit Cosmo

One photo a day challenge: Day 149.

Cosmos are some of my favorite flowers to photograph.

I love the texture of the petals. They are so soft and silky looking.

Then there is the coarse nature of the center of the flower. Especially as the flower matures. Each segment of the flower’s center sprouts on its own.

There is always the contrast between the center that is yellow and the petals that range in color from white to pink to deep red.

This photo was shot with my macro lens. I created a shallow depth of field. You can see the shallow depth of field in the softness to the edges of the petals and in the center of the flower as well.

I added a little contrast in post processing to enhance the side light that is visible hitting the petals from the left. The extra lighting coming from my Lume Cube mini panel light. It was a dark and dreary day. It was perfect for adding a little extra light with and external light source.

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