One Photo A Day | Day 148 | Night Flower Photogrpahy

One photo a day challenge: Day 148.

I have always shoed away from buying new gadgets or gear for my photography. I only bought gear that I had a plan for how I would actually use it. Even if it was something I wouldn’t use all the time.

I want to have a plan for all the tools in my bag. A use case. I want to know under what circumstances I would use the items I have.

Otherwise why do I need them. If there is no known usage for my photography they are just in my way and taking up space.

This past year I Bought some new gear that I really wasn’t sure how exactly I would make use of them. I just thought that I could potentially use them. But I did not know exactly how.

I am so glad that I did decide to get these new small Lume Cube lights. I have used them for more photography than I would have imagined. These lights have been very useful.

Using them at night to photograph flowers when there isn’t enough light has been one of the best things I learned would be a great use in my photography.

Flower lit at night.

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