One Photo A Day | Day 130 | Flower Close Up

One photo a day challenge: Day 130:

I went out for a short bird watching walk today. I was hoping to have a nice bird photo to share today. I did see some of the White-Crowned Sparrows again. No really nice photos were achieved and no other birds I was hoping for made an appearance.

So for todays photo sessions it goes like this:

There is a frost warning tonight. I had two posts outside in an exposed area. Those flowers needed to be moved. A perfect opportunity for some photography.

I brought the flowers into the house before moving them to a location where they should be safe from frost.

I turned down all the internal lights. Then I turned on my Lume Cube lights to illuminate only the flowers.

I am really enjoying the look of the black background when I focus my lighting on the flowers. This might become my new go to lighting for flowers.

I can’t wait for it finally be a bit warmer outside at night here in upstate NY. Then it would be a little bit easier to get this effect. It would be nice to not need to bundle up to go outside for a few photos at night.

Flower close up.

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