One Photo A Day | Day 131 | A Boy, A Skateboard, and A Dog

One photo a day challenge: Day 131.

Today I went out into the woods to create some images to share for todays one photo a day post. I think I created over 400 images in a relatively short period of time. There were a variety of subjects to photograph.

I really thought one of those images would be what I shared with you all today.

Then later in the day I went to Corning to teach my photography class. I was in town a bit early so I decided to walk around and see if there was anything interesting to photograph. The thought occurred to me to just create some street photography since I was right on one of the main streets where there would be people around.

This is not a style of photography I usually practice. But we have been walking around town a lot practicing the techniques we have been learning in our photography course. So I have been inspired to work in some new ways.

Between teaching my class and talking about different ways to use shutter speed and one of my favorite photographers, David duChemin talking about motion in a recent blog post of his I decided to try to capture motion in a different way than I normally do.

I used my 50mm lens. And instead of using aperture priority which is my go to I used shutter priority. This change allowed me to set my shutter at 1/30 of a second. I knew this would generate some motion blur in the subject as well as the background as I panned with the motion.

The perfect place to stand was in the park near Centerway Square in Corning. I stood back from the main walkway so I could see people coming and going but not be in the way and hopefully not be to obtrusive. I photographed several bikers and runners as they passed by.

There was a nearby group of youths with skate boards with skate boards and a dog. I watched as one of them rode the skateboard and allowed the dog to pull him. To be perfectly honest it was making me quite uncomfortable.

But then the group began to make their way towards where I was. The boy, the skateboard, and the dog included. I guess if the photograph makes you uncomfortable then that is the one you take and the one you share, right.

Along for the ride.

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