One Photo A Day | Day 114 | Photo Walkabout

One photo a day challenge: Day 114.

Today was a pretty cool day of photography. Not because I created any particularly nice images. But because today I lead my first Photography Walkabout Class with 171 Cedar Arts.

Today we were at Spencer Crest Nature Center. We focused on photographing birds. And we were fortunate to see a lot of those birds.

We saw Canada Geese swimming on the pond. There were tree swallows checking out the nest boxes. As well as a Red-Winged Blackbird nearby.

Out in the woods we saw and heard plenty of birds. At times it seemed like there were woodpeckers everywhere. We could hear them drumming and calling. Some of them even came close enough for good looks and a couple of photos. Had a quick look at a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker.

Hermit Thrushes made a few appearances as we wound our way through the trails.

We were also fortunate to have the tiny colorful birds zipping around overhead in the canopy. There was a Yellow-Rumped Warbler that stayed close enough for us to watch for a while. We also had two separate looks at Blue-Headed Vireos.

It was a really nice day enjoying the birds and the forest and just talking about birds and photography.

If you are interested in photography or nature check out some more of our offerings in photography at 171 Cedar Arts.

Blue-Headed Vireo at Spencer Crest Nature Center.

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