One Photo A Day | Day 112 | Mallard In Snow

One photo a day challenge: Day 112.

The last two times I was at Eldridge Park there were lots of great birds there. Birds that I had been looking for the past three weekends. Birds that I would really like to photograph.

However, during he last two visits I was not there for photography and I did not have my camera.

Since I had been seeing good bird activity I wanted to stop back at the park on my way home this evening.

There was a large flock of Double Crested Cormorants out on the lake. But all the Cormorants were clustered together at the middle of the pond. There were no great opportunities for photographs of them.

One real cool sighting was a Common Loon out on the lake. We do not often see them in our area. But they do seem to make an appearance from time to time during migration.

The Loon kept its distance from me. I wasn’t able to get any quality photos of it. I just snapped a couple of images to verify that I saw one for my records.

On top of being unable to create images of the birds I wanted to the weather wasn’t cooperating either. It was windy, cloudy, and it was snowing off and on. Sometimes it snowed quite intensely.

The combination of dark skies and snow made it difficult to photograph any of the birds.

Fortunately as one snow squall was beginning to let up a bit of light peaked through and the snow slowed. I was able to create this image of a Mallard drake swimming on the lake with the snow falling around him.

Mallard Snowfall.

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2 Comments on “One Photo A Day | Day 112 | Mallard In Snow

  1. How frustrating to see an elusive loon and not be able to get a good shot of it. But this image is beautiful in spite of the snow.

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