One Photo A Day | Day 113 | Tree Transplant

One photo a day challenge: Day 113.

Today I spent the entire day outside with my hands in the dirt. It was hard work. But it felt good.

I haven’t spent that much time working in my yard in a long time. I spent the day transplanting 10 trees from the spots I initially planted them as samplings years ago to their new permanent locations.

Big projects like that are not really my thing. I had been putting it off for a while. But today was the day I chose to commit to it and get it done.

I got it done.

Hopefully I will have done a good enough job transplanting the trees and they will survive. I have never done this before and even though I read up on how to do it I am sure I didn’t do it well or correctly.

At the end of the day I started thinking about what I wanted to photograph. Then it occurred to me that the obvious subject for today was the trees I just transplanted.

Those trees are just starting to develop leaves. I hope to see them undergo this process for many more years.

Tree Spine.

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