One Photo A Day | Day 111 | Cat Yawn

One photo a day challenge: Day 111.

Some days I plan in advance. I know what I want to photograph. Then I can go to a specific location. And I look for certain subjects.

Other days. I get up early and work out. Then I get in my office to work on photography projects before work. After that its a full day at my day job. Then its running time after work. Which today is going on a 7 mile training run for a 100 mile race in the summer. Then I get home and meal prep for the upcoming week. And finally after I have done everything else I turn to my one photo a day project.

This project is important to me. That doesn’t mean it is always can take priority over everything else I have to get done. But I still get it done every day.

If something is important to you find a way to get it done every day.

Big Cat Yawn.

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