One Photo A Day | Day 106 | Orchid Flower Blooming

One photo a day challenge: Day 106.

I am not great with plants. I am especially bad at keeping potted plants alive. The likelihood of a plant surviving decreases exponentially if it is an indoor house plant.

I love plants. And I really enjoy house plants. But it often turns into a cycle of buying new plants for the house after each previous plant dies a quick death.

Orchids always say they are easy to care for. That is why I buy them. For the ease of care. But somehow I still manage to get it wrong.

This time I think this is the best I have ever done with an orchid. I don’t think I have ever had an orchid live long enough to grow a new flower that wasn’t already on it when I bought it.

My current orchid has grown one new flower that is just opening up to bloom and it has another flower growing on another stem.

Fresh blooming orchid flower.

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