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One photo a day challenge: Day 105.

I thought I knew exactly what I was going to do for my photographs today. Our white husky, Mojo, had spent a lot of the day outside in the rain. I wanted to photograph his damp, muddy, and stinky self and talk about how much he loves the rain. But, Colton had other ideas.

I called Mojo down to the bedroom so I could photograph him laying on the bed. He is always a pretty easy going subject. But when I called him top the bedroom Colton ran down and jumped right up on the bed. Then Mojo no longer wanted to get on the bed.

It was odd that Colton ran down and got on the bed all on his own. Colton usually does not get up on the bed very much.

For some reason he decided now was a good time to be on the bed. He sat in just about the same spot the whole time I took pictures.

All he did was move around some to get comfortable. Or he would look around to try and see something that had gotten his attention.

Colton decided to be a pretty good photography subject today.

Even if your idea for your photography doesn’t go as planned just roll with it and make some great photographs.

Colton on the bed.

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