One Photo A Day | Day 90 | Cemetery

One photo a day challenge: Day 90.

One of the challenges of this project so far for me has been thinking of something different to photograph each day. I could go out and photograph the same thing over and over, but that doesn’t inspire me right now. Maybe once spring is in full bloom and things change regularly that would be more of an option.

Right now I really want to photograph a different place or different part of a place at least if I am creating landscape photography or nature photography of some type. Which right now with spring coming on strong is my real preference. I like exploring different settings with my close up foreground subject and out of focus backgrounds shots.

With the longer daylight hours I really want to be outside for my photography. But there are also other things that I want to do do outside.

Running is a huge part of my life and I am not about to set foot on a treadmill any time soon. I had a group run planned for right after work. Well really right after my commute from work. So on my way to the run I stopped at the nearby cemetery and captured some images there before heading over to my run.

St. Peter and Paul Cemetery.

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