One Photo A Day | Day 50 | Tree And Clouds

One photo a day challenge: Day 50.

I walked out the door today hoping to see a dramatic sunset.

It had been overcast and gloomy all day. But as evening neared the gloom began to part in places. Areas of blue began to emerge. Distinct white clouds streaked the sky.

The gray was lifting slowly. Blue skies and clouds were breaking through but only in a few areas.

Luckily one of those areas was in the west. And luckily it was near time for sunset.

It was clear by looking at the sky that this break in the gloom wouldn’t last.

Pink Clouds and a Tree.

Shortly the blue skies would be shocked out by the gray again.

The sunset wasn’t a stunning light show in the sky, but it was enough to give a nice pink hue to the clouds.

I like to capture images of trees silhouetted against the sky. I think this sunset sky and clouds turned out nicely.

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