One Photo A Day | Day 49 | Tulip Bulb

One photo a day challenge: Day 48.

Normally when I photograph plants and scenery it is all comprised of plant material that has grown and burst through the ground.

When I was out trying to discover something to photograph today I was thinking about plants again. But, I stumbled across a different way to photograph plants. Looking at a plant in a way that most of us do not actually get to see them.

How do you look at a plant before it has grown and emerged from the ground. I stumbled across plant bulbs. Bulbs that you would plant in the ground so that in the spring you will have flowers.

These bulbs look like the definition of potential. They are already beginning to show growth. Striving to become what they will emerge from the ground as.

These are tulip bulbs. They all seem to have this curve to them. The brown papery shell and new growth emerging mostly from the point of the bulb.

Tulip Bulb.

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