One Photo A Day | Day 46 | Nail In Canvas

One photo a day challenge: Day 46.

During this challenge there are subjects that I have come back to more than once. When I do I try to share a different type of photo. If I can I try to take the same subject and photograph it in a different way. It is possible to photograph the same subject with very different results.

I have photographed different types of hardware. Specifically I have photographed this art hanging nail before. It is in a package of equipment for hanging artwork on the wall. I have never actually used them to hang art.

So why not use them to create art. Instead of using the nails to suspend art on a wall I used the canvas for art to suspend the nails in and create art from that.

Nails in canvas.

I had a vision for what I wanted to create with this photograph but I am not sure I executed on it as well as I would have liked. So I may return to it.

I wanted to arrange the nails in lines. Have the heights of the nails vary. The spacing and placement of the rows would be slightly different.

A mix of the shadows cast by the light illuminating the nails and the selective focus was to create an interesting pattern.

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