One Photo A Day | Day 45 | Mt. Tom

One photo a day challenge: Day 45.

Today’s photo is a little different than other photos I’ve taken during this challenge.

One of the main goals of all the other photos is to create something artistic and creative.

The photos I shot today were more about capturing a feeling and emotion. Capturing what it is like doing something I really enjoy doing just for the sake of doing it.

Todays photos probably would not be considered technically high quality photos. But for me they have meaning. They represent things I care about.

Getting outside. Enjoying nature. Challenging myself.

Sometimes there are more important aspects of art than creating something technically perfect in your craft.

Mt. Tom

Snowy Trails on Mt. Tom.

Today I went out and joined in at an event full of like minded people out to challenge themselves. We ran and hiked and climbed up a mountain in PA for 2 hours.

I tried to capture some decent images of the experience while I was running. But, no matter what the photos look like I am glad I was out there. I am glad I pushed myself to do this.

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