One Photo A Day | Day 44 | Carnations

One photo a day challenge: Day 44.

Today my wife was out running errands. Picking up dog food. You know, all the fun stuff.

She had to run to the grocery store and tested to ask if I wanted anything. I asked for a loaf of bread from the bakery. I love bread. You know, who doesn’t love bread.

When she arrived home she had a loaf of delicious bread for me, which I devoured over the course of the day. She also brought me home an early Valentine’s Day gift.



My wife brought me two bouquets of carnations. She know I love photographing flowers. And she know that I love to pick up flowers from the store to photograph. She said she had a heck of a time deciding which flowers to buy me.

My wife picked me out two beautiful bouquets. One bouquet was all white carnations. The other bouquet was all deep red maroon color carnations.

She said she ended up choosing these two bunches of flowers because she thought it would give me a good challenge trying to photograph the white against the contrast of the dark red.

She was not wrong. I hope I did these beautiful flowers and the amazing thoughtfulness of my wife justice with this photo.

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