One Photo A Day | Day 43 | Framing Hardware

One photo a day challenge: Day 43.

Today I returned to photographing metal framing hardware. I started off trying to intentionally arrange some of the objects I hadn’t photographed before.

Eventually I moved to just tossing pieces haphazardly on a canvas and photographing them where they lie.

I think I am getting inspired to work more with materials like this. I will just need to acquire more interesting hardware.


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2 Comments on “One Photo A Day | Day 43 | Framing Hardware

  1. I really like the color pallet of this image and the concept of limited dof. Just a thought~~this is purely my point of view, not a criticism of your image. I prefer to see the items closest to the camera more in focus with the ones behind being soft. I took a screen shot of your image and cropped it to show you what I mean, but I don’t know how to attach it to this comment. The screen shot wound up being square, but it was only for the dof issue. Anyway, nice idea and I might have to work on some of those limited dof macro shots. Thanks for the idea.

    • Thank you. I am glad you liked the image and I am glad it sparked some creative ideas with you. I love working with limited depth of field. I totally know what you mean by having the items closest to the camera being the items in focus and then everything else going out of focus. That is probably how most of my images are. I chose this one intentionally instead of one like that to feature here because I liked the glowing effect of the light shinning off them in the foreground created by them being out of focus. Normally I probably would do what you are suggesting though. If you like limited depth of field check out some of my other posts in this series. That is often what I am working with.

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