One Photo A Day | Day 41 | Brynn

One photo a day challenge: Day 41.

Today I decided to get back to one of my favorite subjects, my dogs.

I could photograph my dogs all day every day. I love them. They also make great photography subjects for a variety of reasons.

They are interesting, funny, and adorable. And most of the time they cooperate for me. No having to search out subjects or wait for the weather to be just right.

Usually when I photograph my dogs or cats for that matter I will move around and photograph all of them a little bit. Today I chose to do something different. I selected one dog and I only photographed that one dog.


Brynn falling asleep. You can actually see the motion of her eye closing.

Today I decided to train my camera on our dog Brynn. Brynn is an amazing companion. Always up for any adventure. And she is great at snuggling at home.

Tonight Brynn was falling laying on the couch just relaxing. It was pretty clear that she was not getting up to go anywhere. She was probably going to fall asleep.

I set up my mini lights. Then I sat down on the floor. Focused my lens on her. I began to shoot.

I watched and photographed as Brynn’s eyes got heavy. She curled up on the blanket. She adjusted and sprawled out more. Her eyes began to close. She was trying to stay awake, to no avail.

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