One Photo A Day | Day 42 | Strawflower On White

One photo a day challenge: Day 42.

Today I did something a little different for me.

When photographing a subject from nature I don’t usually manipulate the subject for my photograph. If I’m photographing a flower I work around the structure of the flower to get the shot I want. Bending around the flower.

I don’t usually bend the subject to my will. I try to allow nature to be free from manipulation at the point of the photograph where I click the shutter.

Today I was inspired to make a change.

On a white background

A row of strawflower blossoms.

I have a strawflower plant that I have saved specifically for photography purposes. The plant itself is dead. However, the flowers remain in tact.

I photographed them previously during this project. In the previous photographs I photographed the flowers attached to the rest of the plant and flowers that had fallen off the plant I photographed sitting in the flower pot.

On this occasion I wanted to create photographed on a clean background. Isolating the subjects.

I took the fallen flowers out of the pot. I broke a few flowers off of the plants.

A white canvas made the perfect substrate to lay the flowers on. It added texture at the point of focus and it allowed for isolating the subject. A piece of white poster board was the background.

I enjoyed this exercise. I took over 300 photos and I could have kept going. Moving and rearranging. Creating new and different photos. I had to stop myself.

I only quickly flipped through all the photos. There are several I like along with the one I am sharing here. These will definitely appear again in my work.

I am also inspired to try this more with other subjects.

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