One Photo A Day | Day 30 | Frozen Falls

One photo a day challenge: Day 30.

Today I got out and photographed one of my favorite types of subjects, waterfalls.

I love photographing waterfalls. They offer so many unique photographic opportunities each time you visit. I am fortunate to live in a region rich in these opportunities.

With this long persistently cold winter we’ve been having in upstate New York I decided it was the perfect opportunity to get out and photograph something I don’t do very often.

Frozen Waterfalls

Watkins Glen State Park

Motivation to get outside and pursue my photography can really stall in the winter months. Due to this I do not often get out and photograph winter landscapes very much. I wanted to correct that today.

Today I traveled around the our area to photograph some of the most well known waterfalls in our area. I photographed a total of 7 waterfall locations. Four of the locations were at our fabulous New York State Parks.

I tried to photograph the waterfalls and their surrounding areas from a variety of different angles and perspectives.

I created 645 images today. Pretty sure that is the most I have taken in any one day of this challenge. This was a long but fun day of photography.

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