One Photo A Day | Day 29 | How To Hang Art

One photo a day challenge: Day 29.

I really liked the work I did yesterday. I wanted to find a similar type of subject for today. Something that would allow me to work with shapes and textures and patterns and depth of field.

I was not sure what I would find for my subject today. To find a subject I began looking around my room. On the bookshelf where I found my previous subject. Then in my cabinet.

I looked in my cabinet and initially all I saw was all my camera gear. Then I realized that there was more there than just my cameras. I raised my gaze to my boxes of tools for hanging framed artwork. Those seemed to hold the key.

I ended up selecting a variety of objects from the box. I photographed different tools. Then I moved them around and I changed angles.

Art Nails

The funniest thing is, I didn’t even end up photographing the subjects that I initially thought I would select from the box. Maybe those will show up on another day.

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