One Photo A Day | Day 19 | A Little Bit Of Light

One photo a day challenge: Day 19.

Today I went for a walk on what is a very regular route for me. I was consciously thinking about my photography as I walked. Starting to think about these trees that I pass just about every day. I always admire them.

The size and shape of them is always interesting. Large tree trunks. Tall trees. Wide ranging branches. Thorns like you’ve never seen everywhere.

I was thinking about how they would make interesting subjects for some photography.

Trees and blue sky.

When I went for a walk again later I took my camera with me and made sure to look at the trees and consider them as subjects.

Today I noticed how the sun was hitting them. It was really illuminating the colors on the tree trunk. I was admiring how they fit into the landscape.

Blue skies in the distance. Other large trees in the near background. A touch of snow at the bottom of the scene.

We haven’t had much sunlight recently. It is amazing what a little bit of light can do to inspire photography.

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