One Photo A Day | Day 18 | Snow Covered

One photo a day challenge: Day 18.

Today I decided to stay in our yard again for my daily photo. I wanted to explore a little deeper into the woods than I had in the last few photo sessions in our woods. For this session I walked to the back part of our property and started my exploration there.

I did not know I would enjoy using this new camera and lens combination so much.

New Camera

There are several factors I like about these new tools. It makes getting low to the ground like this shot much easier. I can focus on a subject at relatively close range for a non-macro lens. The lens is a wide angle so the photographs can be close up on the main subject but still include a good portion of surroundings. And the ability to have a wide aperture to create blur and isolate distinct parts of the images is what I really like in my images.

Woodland grounds covered in snow.

I am beginning to think that if I set my mind to the task of finding photography subjects wherever I happen to stand I can succeed in creating interesting photos there. I just need to open my eyes and open my mind.

Spending several days during this challenge photographing our woods in winter has expanded my creativity. Exploring these woods at first sight seems like a boring landscape. But when I change my expectations and assumptions about my photography I still create images that I think are very interesting.

New Idea

Today I started to think it would be interesting to do some sort of photography project where I exclusively photographed just my yard and small chunk of woods over a specific time frame. I think it would allow me to create some very different photography. This will have to roll around in my head for a while and see if the idea develops further.

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