One Photo A Day | Day 20 | Fresh Snow On Trees

One photo a day challenge: Day 20.

I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for daily photos today.

We had some early morning snow. Then the sun peaked out just as I was planning to go outside for a walk. I made sure I grabbed my camera.

There is a nearby patch of woodlands. I headed out on the snowy trails. The goal I had in mind was to try to capture some images of the woods with the freshly fallen snow hopefully still on the trees.

Today I chose to share a photo a little different than most of the other photos I have shared. This is more of a standard wide angle nature scenery shot.

Trees and snow.

Fortunately there were some trees that had snow clinging to the bark. The texture of the snow on the trees with the soft white forest floor due to fresh snow covering the old melted snow is just what I wanted. Combine that with finally having some blue skies and clouds and it is just the type of scenic winter photo I like.

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