One Photo A Day | Day 339 | Tree, Wind, Night Sky

One photo a day challenge: Day 339.

Went outside for some more night time photography. Unfortunately the sky was completely overcast again tonight.

Tonight I moved around and photographed from a few different angles and different scenes.

At one point the wind really picked up.

That created this exposure which is my favorite of todays batch.

I wanted to feature this large oak tree in our yard in this photo. Then have the night sky serve as the background.

This was a 30 second exposure.

The wind started whipping. The tree branches were waving all over in the wind.

You can see all the branches extending out in a circle from the tree trunk are increasingly blurry as the branch narrows out towards it’s end.

The branches are blurs of motion due to waving in the wind during a 30 second long exposure to create this image.

Then to make the image a little more interested I used a Lightroom preset in post processing that brightened up the night sky and gave it some color. The preset also created a vignette around the edges of the image.

Tree in the wind

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