One Photo A Day | Day 11 | Peaches

Daily photo challenge: Day 11.

I often photograph my dogs. I do not photograph our cats. Often I regret not having many photos of our cats.

If I had to choose I would choose dogs every time. But I don’t dislike cats and, don’t tell my wife, but I do have fond memories of them.

It goes without saying that cats are just vastly different beings than dogs. Capturing their lives on camera is something that I feel like I have missed out on as a human, animal lover, and photographer. This is something I have been trying to rectify.

Our Cat Peaches.

Our cat, Peaches, was a shelter cat we adopted from our local SPCA. When we first adopted her she was so scared that she wouldn’t come out of our little half bath. Now she has blossomed into a surprisingly friendly cat.

Peaches can often be found in her favorite spot. She likes to sit at the top of the cat tower in the kitchen.

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