One Photo A Day | Day 10 | Frozen Stream

One Photo A Day: Day 10.

I am hoping this daily photo challenge is will help me appreciate what I have right at home. There are so many opportunities to create photographs right inside or outside my own home.

Building my practice will help me build appreciation for everything that I have right nearby.

Frozen Stream

I took advantage of the fact that we had nice bright sunlight for only the second day in what feels like forever. I planed to walk around in our woods for a little bit. Enjoy nature and the sunlight. Create some photography.

I didn’t make it very far. I reached the small stream that crosses out property right at the edge of the woods and found it coated with this interesting layer of ice. The frozen coating over the running water was the perfect thing to focus on and try to create some interesting winter images featuring the ice.

The patterns created in the ice formation were really interesting. I am not sure I captured them as well as I would have liked to. Perhaps another attempt is in order in the future. Tell me what you think about the photo I selected.

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