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As and artists and creative person it is very easy to fall into the trap of thinking of photography as something that has to be very intentional and planned out. I am a photographer. I must have a designated subject, location, event, etc. that I want to photograph. That is great and sometimes it works out perfectly. But what is even better than that is to always be prepared.

Great opportunities for photographs will happen whether you have your camera or not

Being present and having a camera is the number one influence on your ability to create photography. A photograph worthy situation can occur at any time and any place in any circumstance. Keep your camera nearby.

Even as a photographer with a penchant for creating wildlife images you can never be too ready. I have seen hawks dive into the bushes along the side of an office building to catch prey. Be ready. You never know when your opportunity will arise.

Photographing nature and flowers is something I also enjoy. There are many opportunities to photograph plants and flowers that have been planted at parks or other green ways while you are out and about. Keep your camera close.

Running errands can include photography

When I have errands to run I try to think about where else I will pass by. Will I be near any other places where there might be opportunities for photography? I try to always bring my camera just in case.

Errands also become a little bit more enjoyable when I think about the opportunities for photography they might create for me. No one really enjoys errands, but maybe you can get a little bit more excited about running to the grocery store if you think about stopping at the nearby park to take some photos.

Take a random side trip while you’re out

If you need to go out for something and have a few minutes think about what else may be going on in your area.

Is it the season where ducklings have hatched recently and will be swimming around the lake at the park?

Is it the time of year that those flowers you really like are in bloom?

Don’t miss out because you are busy doing other things. Take your camera. Make a stop along the way to create images.

I added more photographs of the Ducklings to my Waterfowl Gallery. Go check them out there.

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