Photo Comparison | Flowers Before And After The Rain

We had planned on going to an arts festival today, but the forecast was for rain all day long. So, we decided to stay home and relax instead.

The decision to stay home ended up allowing me to create my own unique collection of art. I went outside to photogrpah our flowers that we have planted and it started to rain. It rained for a good long time, but it stopped well before dark. So I was able to go outside and photogrpah the same flwoers right before the storms and then photograph them again after the rain had stopped.

I am hoping this may create a nice comparison for at least a few of the flowers. Going to try to show off a few flower blossoms side by side with one shot before the rains came and one shot after the rains subsided.

I always love photographing flowers after the rain. The water brings out their colors more and the droplets of water remaining on the flower petals are beautiful accents to the colorful blossoms.

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