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I really wanted to create a blog post to highlight some subjects that many people might night even think about. I feel like I can do that through my photography pretty well. However, the writing part of the blog post experience is more of a struggle. I don’t have any particular knowledge or perspective to share on the subject for this post. Stones.

We see rocks and stones laying on the ground all around us. I am not sure I have anything profound to say about stones. I don’t really have the vocabulary to express the way I feel about photographing rocks and stones the way I can expound on the majesty of a beautiful sunset at a scenic vista.

Cool rock formation on North Sugarloaf in New Hampshire.

But make no mistake stones, seen or unseen, create the very foundation for everything we do, literally. Rocks are our foundation on which everything else in our lives takes shape.

I love all the different ways I am exposed to rocks and stones.

Stones all around

In the area where I live, one of our most celebrated naturel features are our gorges. In a gorge you are at the mercy of these massive stone walls that surround you. Have faith that they will not collapse in on you. Stand and admire the majesty and see all the striations and layers of rock that the water has carved out.

Rock formation on Coney Mountain in the Adirondacks.

Hiking up big mountains in the Adirondacks exposes us to a lot of exposed rock. Much of which is beautiful. Some of which is large, smooth, and daunting to surmount. Trail running in Pennsylvania in particular is nothing but rocks and stones.

In my photography I am often drawn to photographing rocks and stones. I like to look at them individually or as components of the larger landscape. Rocks and stones create so much shape, texture, and form in our environment. They come in all shapes and sizes. Stones can be homes for other components of our environment like mosses and lichen. They can also be the perfect spot for an animal to stop and crack open some nuts to find food.

Worn away pieces of stones at Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland.

Rocks and stones can also provide a burst of color in our environment. I’m not talking about diamonds or gold. I love the gritty look of many rocks. Dark and light colors smashed together by nature. There are often more colorful stones to be found. Stones sanded smooth along the shores of our lakes and oceans. Rocks that glitter and shine as the water of the tides or passage of water in a stream moves across their surface.

If you are outside, take a moment, look down and enjoy what supports your movement.

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