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I am not a traditional event photographer. I don’t specialize in event photography. And I definitely don’t go out to huge venues to photograph big events everyone has heard of.

What I love is being at small local events that are important to our community. There are so many things that go on in our communities that often goes unremarked on or uncelebrated. I really like to try and capture these moments and save them forever for all those naysayers who think our communities can’t do good things.

Night concert during Elmira Street Painting Festival.

I don’t really photograph events as big events or spectacles. I like to pick up on the little things. There are so many things that go into making an event what it is. If you look around you can see the little components that are the essential building blocks of what the event is all about. That is what I tend to focus on.

Community events

Artists creating art during Elmira Street Painting Festival.

Being that I don’t specialize in event photography itself I know you will be shocked to hear that I don’t even focus on certain types of events to train my lens on. I will point my lens at any event that I find interesting or important to our community. I love sports, so you might see me out there pointing my lens at athletes. Music brings joy to a lot of people. Maybe you will see me photographing a live performance. As a photography art is obviously important to me. So, it will not surprise you to see me walking around at a community arts event creating interesting images. I will also photograph events that exist to show support for the members of our community.

Walk A Mile In My Shoes.

I love to photograph parts of events that evoke emotion. And what usually shows emotion at an event are the people who are there. I don’t consider myself someone who photographs people. But, when I am at an event the people are kind of the point. And people are the most interesting and emotional part of the venue. So, I do point my camera at people from time to time.

I always hope to create images that show the best of what these events have to offer. Showing my photography of events in our community hopefully can serve as a reminder of what we can do together as a community and why public events are a good thing we should all support.

Walk A Mile In My Shoes.

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