Large Bill | Boat Billed Heron | Buffalo Zoo

One of my favorite things to do with photography has been to photograph animals at the zoo.

It is a great way to practice and learn photography.

There are also opportunities to photograph animal you will never see in the wild.

Often if a zoo houses birds there will be an aviary which is nice because then you can be indoors in a controlled environment.

I was able to photograph this Boat Billed Heron indoors at the Buffalo Zoo.

The Boat Billed Heron is not native to my area. The Boat Billed Heron lives in Mexico, Central America, and South America.

It was so cool to see this bird that I will probably never see in the wild.

I love how cute this Boat Billed Heron looks in this photo.

Boat Billed Heron: Buffalo Zoo

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