I Love Public Art

I love public art.

Public art gives so much flavor and emotion to a place.

Having artwork on display for all to see helps to bring out vitality.

I also think that public art is inspiring and aspirational.

Being able to walk through a community and see artwork on the regular allows people to think more openly about art.

People see art as a real tangible thing in life. Not just something that exists in fancy buildings and behind closed doors.

Art becomes something that everyone can see and do when it is out there on display for the public.

People can be inspired to work on their own art. It doesn’t have to be artwork to go in a gallery. It can be artwork just for yourself or artwork just for your family or community.

Public art is having a resurgence lately and I hope it continues.

This piece of art has existed in my home town as long as I can remember and I was happy to capture a nice photo of it.

Public Art in Elmira, New York

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