One Photo A Day | Day 352 | Playing In Puddles

One photo a day challenge: Day 352.

I decided to try and take advantage of the rain today.

The goal was to actually capture elements of the rain in a photo.

I had the idea to photograph the puddles in our driveway.

Photograph them in a way that would show the rain drops hitting the water of the puddle.

The rain tried not to cooperate. As the raindrops became a fine mist.

A mist so light that it wasn’t even impacting the water in the puddle. Not creating the slightest ripple.

I really wanted to try and create a photograph at a slower shutter speed that would show the raindrops hitting the water and hopefully show the movement of the ripples across the puddle.

Unfortunately the rain was too light for that to work. the raindrops weren’t impacting the water with enough force to create enough motion that it showed up in a photo.

In this photo I used a shallow depth of field to focus on the edge of water and land. I was able to capture the reflection of trees in the water. But the reflection is soft because it is not where the focus is. And I did manage to capture a few ripples of water as some rain drops impacted the puddle.

Puddles and Rain Drops

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