One Photo A Day | Day 333 | Snowflakes And Light

One photo a day challenge: Day 333.

More playtime with light.

But I guess that doesn’t really say much since that is essentially what all photography is.

Lets rephrase.

More playtime with long exposures and moving light.

Trying to figure out what to photograph today. I was looking around and saw this snowflake decoration we have.

I thought I might be able to do something interesting with it.

I set up my black and my white backgrounds. One fore behind and one for below the snowflake.

I took some test shots.

Then I started experimenting.

I tried some slightly different configurations of the snowflake lights.

Then I tried a variety of ways to move another strand of lights through the image during the long 20 to 30 second exposure.

I really likes this tight spiral I was able to create right around the snowflake in this image.

Snowflakes and Light

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