One Photo A Day | Day 305 | Maple And Oak

One photo a day challenge: Day 305.

I am really trying to focus on fall themes right now.

It was a good day to play around with a few leaves.

I previously found some leaves that had some modest autumn colors to them.

Today I decided to take those leaves and use them in some indoor macro photography work.

I placed the leaves on the clean white background.

One leaf is a maple leaf and one is a smaller oak leaf.

The maple leaf has more orange and red colors. More darker tones.

The oak leaf is a yellowish color.

I layered the leaves one on top of the other.

The small yellow oak leaf layered over the darker colored maple leaf.

I wanted to create a contrast in shapes and colors.

I lit the leaves from one side to create more shadow and show more texture.

I moved the leaves around to try different compositions. Always keeping the oak leaf on top of the maple to create a layered effect.

Autumn Leaves

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