One Photo A Day | Day 294 | Bullseye Tree Trunk

One photo a day challenge: Day 294.

I walked into the woods looking for something very representational of fall to photograph.

Some colorful leaves or something along those lines.

But I was also just looking for something to catch my eye.

Interesting shapes. Cool patterns. Anything that captured my attention.

I walked and let my gaze drift across the woods.

I have been fascinated with tree trunk textures lately.

Then I saw it. This large bullseye like pattern on a tree trunk.

It was such an interesting combination of pattern, color, and texture.

I had my macro lens on so I moved in close and trained my focus on the colorful pattern.

I am not certain what exactly this amazing natural feature is, perhaps some combination of lichen and moss growing on the tree trunk.

But I absolutely love it.

Lichen on tree trunk

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