One Photo A Day | Day 224 | Thundercloud Stonecrop Sedum

One photo a day challenge: Day 224.

Ok. Back to the plan for today.

Getting back on track with photographing the newly acquired flowers today.

The plant I photographed today is a really cool Sedum that was flowering at the nursery when I decided to buy it.

This particular plant is the Thundercloud, Stonecrop variety.

I really like these types of plants because they have these thicker stockier stems. They feel like very different types of plants. So different than typical flowers.

In addition to the thick stems they have thick firm leaves as well. And those features combined with the clusters of tiny flowers. They really drew me to the plant.

The tiny star shaped white flowers were just beginning to open when I bought the plant. This was perfect for my intention to photograph new blooming flowers.

Now even more flowers have bloomed.

Even the flowers blossoms that have not bloomed yet have interesting shapes and colors.

The perfect plant for some night time photos with artificial lighting.

Thundercloud, Stonecrop, Sedum.

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