One Photo A Day | Day 221 | Red Flower At Night

One photo a day challenge: Day 221.

I have really been enjoying photographing flowers this year. But I have photographed all the flowers we have at home multiple times at this point.

I really wanted some new subjects to photograph without having to travel.

The other day while we were out I made it a point to stop at local plant nursery to buy new flowers. Specifically flowers I did not already have at home. Flowers I could photograph for the first time. At least for this year if nothing else.

This red trumpet shaped flower is one of the ones I decided to add to our growing collection. It is an annual that prefers shade. So I thought photographing it in the evening after the sun went down made a lot of sense.

I used some artificial light to illuminate the subject and I moved my lens in close for the shot.

Red Flower In The Night

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