One Photo A Day | Day 219 | Wren On Reeds

One photo a day challenge: Day 219.

So, a week after my big race my feet still hurt from blisters. Due to that I haven’t been able to get up and around too much to do any photography. Still wanted to photograph something a little different.

I wanted to do a little birding. How to go birding without walking?

Montezuma National Wildlife refuge is perfect. We can take the car and drive along the wildlife drive. Watch birds and create some photographs.

We did just that. Well, we drove the wildlife dive that is. We DID NOT see many birds.

There were a few eagles and osprey out in far off trees. But not much of anything close by.

We got out of the car briefly to walk over to a photography blind. That is where 90% of the days photography happened.

This tiny little wren was busy hoping and flitting around amongst the reeds. But the bird stayed in the clear long enough for a lot of photos.

Wren on Reeds.

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