One Photo A Day | Day 185 | Phlox In Bloom

One photo a day challenge: Day 185.

Over the years I have planted many varieties of flowers at our house. More often than not I have not been successful in having the perennials return in following years. But there has been one flower that has reliably returned year after year.

Maybe I just don’t pay enough attention to where and how to plant the flowers. So then they fail to regrow the next year.

Maybe I don’t take good enough care of the flowers while they are growing after planting them. Then the flowers are not well established enough tot return.

One thing I do know is these purple phlox have returned year after year. It has been so long that I can’t even remember when I first planted them. I doubt that they return due to anything I have done.

These phlox are one of my favorite flowers in our garden. And now it is time for them to bloom.

This is a photo of the first purple phlox blooming in our garden this year.

Phlox in bloom: New York.

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