One Photo A Day | Day 186 | New Purple Coneflower

One photo a day challenge: Day 186.

Yesterday I wrote about one of my favorite flowers that I have been able to successfully grow at our house. This post is the exact opposite.

This post is about one of my favorite flowers that I admire frequently at flower gardens everywhere. I see them frequently. They are beautiful flowers. And I love that they attract pollinators.

These are also one of my favorite flowers that I have tried repeatedly to grow at our house and failed every time. I buy these flowers every year. However, these perennials never want to return the next year for me.

I have tried planting them at different stages of their growth cycles. I have tried planting them in different locations. Trying to figure out what suits these plants best.

This year I planted bulbs but they may not grow until next season. I also may have a coneflower that is beginning to grow. I can see a flower head emerging, but sshhh, keep it quiet. We don’t want to jinx it.

Since I had no coneflowers growing this season, I decided to pick one up today. I brought home this lovely purple coneflower from our local nursery. I wanted another plant for the pollinators to enjoy. And I wanted a beautiful plant to photograph.

For now it is planted in a pot. Later in the season I will transplant it to permanent location in our yard where it will hopefully return in years to come.

Purple Coneflowers. Sky Background. New York.

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