One Photo A Day | Day 135 | Wildlife Workshop

One photo a day challenge: Day 135.

Today I taught a wildlife photography workshop at 171 Cedar Arts.

We spent the first half of the day talking about wildlife photography. Then we went outside to see if we could find some wildlife to photograph. Hoping for some opportunities to practice what we had talked about.

The plan was to walk across town and over the walking bridge. A great place to stop and look out over the landscape and see if any wildlife awaited us.

The we walked over to the Chemung river and hiked along its banks. Eventually ended up in a park near the river watching the birds among the trees.

We saw at least nine different species in our short period of time down by the river.

We saw a Blue Jay feeding its hatchings at its nest and then sitting on the nest.

We saw a very dark fledgling in the bushes right across the street from 171 Cedar Arts at the end of the day as we were heading back to our cars.

We also saw this American Robin fledgling in a really cool spot. It was perched in a flowering tree at the park. There was a perfect little raised part of the ground nearby so we could get an even better look at it too.

Fledgling Robin

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