One Photo A Day | Day 87 | Surviving Plants

One Photo a Day Challenge: Day 87.

I have at least 5 plants that I have successfully overwintered in my basement. If I hadn’t tried to overwinter them in my basement they would have died. I can tell that at least these 5 plants have been successful to this point because they are actively growing new foliage.

I just discovered one that I had suspected would survive the overwintering had indeed survived. I recently picked up the pot and pushed aside the previous seasons foliage that had died back. And there underneath it all was new shoot of green emerging up from the dirt.

This newest plant that has returned to life is a mum we had bought last fall. I am interested to see how it will grow when it is nice enough to return the plants to the outside.

In this photo the focus is on the fresh young growth of the green mum leaf in the foreground. However, in the background you can see the old dead brown growth of the previous year out of focus.

New mum growth.

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