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I have exciting news to share with everyone. Something that has been in the works for over a year now is officially going to happen.

I am extremely excited to announce I will be teaching a variety of photography events at 171 Cedar Arts.

We had been hoping these classes would happen in 2020 but then we all found ourselves instead midst of a global pandemic. Fortunately at present it is beginning to look like we are beginning to emerge from the other side.

Photography at 171

I will be teaching 3 different styles of photography events at 171 Cedar Arts. There will be 3 photography workshops on different topics. Each of these workshops will be 2-3 hours long. We will offer 2 photography classes. Each class will be held 1 day a week for approximately four weeks. Each days class will last 1.5 hours. In addition we are offering 2 hour long events which we are calling “photography walkabouts”.

Finger Lakes Land Trust Site.

Our photography workshops will cover a variety of topics across the three. One workshop will focus on importing your photography into a program and using that program’s capabilities to maximize your creative output. The program we will use in this workshop is Adobe Lightroom.

Photography Topics

In a second workshop we examine how to effectively use your photography on a popular social media app. The most popular social media app that focuses on photography is Instagram. We will look closely at how to tailor your photography to capitalize on what Instagram has to offer.

The third workshop available is more traditional. This workshop doesn’t focus on a computer program or cell phone app. This workshop is about learning how to create the best wildlife photography you can.

Our two photography classes will focus on things everyone aspiring to create photography can benefit from. One class will offer the opportunity learn the basics of photography. Learn how to operate your camera. The class will also cover basic concepts in photography that will help you create the art you envision.

Our third option of photography events, the walkabouts will be something unique. These are opportunities to connect with like minded people and create photography. We will engage with our surroundings and each create the style of photography we enjoy. We will engage in conversation and talk about what we want to photograph. I will be there as a guide and to answer questions. Each walkabout will take place at a different location to provide plenty opportunities for different photography to be created.

White-Breasted Nuthatch

KRNaturalPhoto Workshops

I am also offering three photography workshops on my own. These workshops will be very focused on a specific subject. My workshops will focus on photographing migratory birds at a local location where I have been watching and photographing them for years.

The workshops will be the first three Saturdays in April. These workshops are kept short at one hour. The focus will be on watching the birds and helping you create the best photographs possible.

You can sign up for these workshops here: Migratory Bird Photography Workshop

If you are interested in photography classes comment here or contact me by email or on social media and let me know what you would like to see offered if you’re looking for something different than these offerings.

Check out the 171 Cedar Arts Photography Courses.

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