One Photo A Day | Day 78 | Desktop

One photo a day challenge: Day 78.

Recently I have been able to work part time from home. In our office I have a standing desk converter. Being able to stand at work at my desk makes being in the office much more bearable.

After a couple weeks worth of working from home with no standing desk was taking its toll on me. It is beginning to look like an at least part time work from home situation might be the new normal for me. And I am all for working from home.

However, if I am going to be working from home a lot more I really wanted to be able to stand at my desk at home too. To that end I recently invested in a standing desk for my home office.

I love the new desk. Not only the functionality of the desk, but I love the look of it too.

I selected a solid wood desktop for the desk. I love looking at the patterns of grain in a piece of wood. And I really like the patterns of the grain in wood that compose this desktop.

I photographed the desktop with my macro lens trying to highlight the grain.

Desktop Wood Grain.

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