One Photo A Day | Day 23 | Same Flowers, Differnet Lens

One photo a day challenge: Day 23.

Since I bought new flowers yesterday I wanted to photograph them as much as I could. It won’t be long before I fail to keep them alive. It seems to be pretty inevitable with most of my indoor plants.

Yesterday I photographed the flowers in a way that is very different for me. Today I wanted to continue an exploration along those lines. I wanted to use another different lens for photographing flowers.

For this photo session I wanted to use my Nikon 50mm f1.8 lens to photograph the flowers. This lens is not a macro lens so I couldn’t get very close to the flowers. And the lens has a relatively wide angle of view for a situation where you can’t get very close to your subject and you are trying to keep it against a nice clean background.

Mum. 50mm lens.

The fact that the lens isn’t a macro lens combined with trying to keep a nice clean background for the image made it challenging. I struggled to find the right distance away from the flower where the lens could focus on it and I could keep the background clean. This resulted in a lot of images that were carious degrees of out of focus.

I kept my lighting all to one side of the image. Then I turned the flower pot around to show different flowers of the plant in different images. I also moved the flowers closer and farther away from the background, which also meant closer and farther from the camera.

Despite those challenges I think that I did manage to capture some images that worked.

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