One Photo A Day | Day 21 | Pink Strawflower

One photo a day challenge: Day 21.

I had my camera with me all day today. It was cloudy and gloomy all day. I just wanted to have sunlight for a chance at a nice sunlit photo for just a few minutes. It is getting a little frustrating to never have good light for the type of photographs I would like to make.

I kept waiting for the sun to emerge from the clouds. The sun never showed itself. Before I knew it, it was night.

The sunlight was no longer a problem.

Pink Strawflower

Once it was night and I knew I would not be taking photographs outside I shifted my thinking to my indoor photography options. I decided I wanted to return to the old dried out strawflowers I have inside.

This time I wanted to try to do something different with my lighting. I placed my 2 Lume Cube Panel Minis on small tripods. Then I placed one overhead and one at the bottom of the flowerpot pointing up. The Lume Cube I placed across from the flower pot with the light pouring in from the left. Then I eventually decided to hand hold the Lume Cube close to the flowers as I photographed them.

This photo is my favorite on first pass from the bunch.

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