One Photo A Day | Day 17 | Bark, Moss, Snow

One photo a day challenge: Day 17.

I have been wanting to create some bird images. However, the weather has not really cooperated. The skies have been filled with clouds and gloom.

There has been very little light. Not enough light for me to be able to create the type of avian photography I enjoy.


Today clouds were visible moving across the sky. The clouds were so thick that they blocked out the sun. There was no direct light from the sun reaching the ground.

Multiple times during the day there would be a break in the clouds and I could see the sunlight stream into the yard. I rushed to get my camera and lens and get outside and take some photographs before the clouds obscured the the sun again. But I was too slow.

By the time I got outside I both the sunlight and the birds were gone. I did manage to get outside later while there was some light peaking through. At first the birds didn’t want to show up for me. Then the birds arrived and the sunlight quickly faded.

I did capture a few bird images, but nothing that I was particularly excited about.

Tree trunk meets snowy forest floor.

Since I wasn’t able to create the images I wanted to with the birds I went inside to try something else. I exchanged my 300mm lens for a 50mm lens. Then I headed out to the woods to look for interesting subjects.

The Woods

The snow is starting to melt, but the ground is still frozen. This is resulting in standing water.

But I was hoping the melting snow and water and visible earth would help create some interesting images with the trees and branches in the woods.

I walked around a small patch of woodlands. I turned my lens to a variety of subjects. A variety of trees. Some branches. Some alive and some dead.

I found this one tree trunk I thought had a very interesting look. I liked the combination of the half rotted or otherwise destroyed trunk on one side and the other section of the tree trunk with the moss climbing up the bark. The white snow and the green moss and all the textures are all interesting.

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