One Photo A Day | Day 16 | Fluffy Cat Portrait

One photo a day challenge: Day 16.

On a weekend I really thought I would have a good opportunity to get outside and capture more outdoors photographs. But, sometimes things don’t go as you had hoped. And you still get it done.

Went out this morning with some friends and put in a 13+ mile run, which was great. But I got home and ended up being exhausted. Didn’t get as much done the rest of the day as I would have liked. I never got around to taking photos until late at night.


But. I am committed to this project. This practice. This process.

I got out the camera and the lights and set about to create some art.

I love animals. Especially dogs and cats. Our pets always make good subjects.

Lately when I have tried to photograph our pets our cat Paisley has been avoiding me. She wasn’t particularly cooperative with my attempts at photos tonight. But I really liked how this one image turned out.

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